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Replacing a shower head - Here is a great tip on replacing that old showerhead. These directions are meant as general guidelines and should not necessarily be followed word for word. Since no two showerheads are the same please see the manufactures requirements before starting. There are many types of showerheads both regular and pulsating, most connect to a 1/2 inch threaded piece of shower pipe. When removing the original showerhead you will notice most can be very tight and you should take care not to scratch the surface of the shower pipe. Try using a clean rag or and old towel to wrap around the pipe to help guard against scratching. User either vise grips or pipe wrenches to remove the original showerhead if it is the thread-on type. Next, clean any debris or water from the threads of the pipe coming out of the wall. This will help the pipe seal when installing the new showerhead. Next, some showerheads require some Teflon tape around the threads of the shower pipe making sure it’s a little snug and over-laps some. Placing the showerhead on the pipe is the next and final step but you should first make sure it has a small, usually rubber, gasket inside with the threads. If not check with the manufacture to make sure the showerhead should have one (not all do). Take the showerhead and screw it onto the pipe using your hands at first. When it gets tight use a wrench to get it snug making sure you don’t over tighten.