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Saving Energy - Here are some tips on saving money on your energy bill. Place bottles of water into the empty spaces of your refrigerators or freezers so they will run more efficiently. It may also be a good idea to place a small fan to help with air circulation. Some manufactures design fans specially for this kind of application.
While a new energy-efficient water heater may cost more initially than a standard water heater, it could pay for itself over the lifetime of the appliance. Hot Water Circulation Pumps are not always the best option for saving money. These pumps can add to your utility bill because of losses in within the piping, especially if the pipes are not insulated. More water must be heated and kept at a constant temperature. Try setting your water heater to a lower hot water temperature. Insulate the tank and all hot water pipes. Not all of the pipes may be accessible since some will go through walls or crawl spaces. But if your goal is to lower your bill then these must also be insulated. If you already have a pump try installing a timer to shut off the pump at night or when no one is home or turning it off during extended absences. Install Water Flow restrictors on your showerheads and faucets and replace any old toilets with low flow units ( the new standard is 1.6 GPF ). Not only can this save you money on your water heating costs but also on your water bill buy reducing the amount used.