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Disposal Tips - When running your sinks disposal use cold water instead of hot and let it run the whole time the disposal is running. Be sure not to overload the disposal with an excessive amount of food. Keep high-fiber material like cornhusks, celery, artichokes and onionskins from going you're your sinks garbage disposal. Animal fat cooking oils and liquid fats can solidify in cold drainpipes and trap food and eventually clogging the drain. Coffee grounds should also be kept from going down the drain. Many times little particles of food can remain in the disposal. These particles can cause offensive odors. To help these odors down place a combination of ice cubes and lemon peel in the disposal, run it for thirty seconds, and then add cold water while it's still running. Some companies make a disposal cleaner and degreaser that should also help with any odors. Since disposals vary from manufacture to manufacture, please check with the company in question for more specific instructions on your garbage disposal.